Apple Pie Bakery Menus

  • Dine In Menu

    Soups of the Day

    Served with fresh roll & butter
    Please inquire about today’s soups


    Caesar Salad 12
    baby mixed greens, chicken, breadcrumbs, lemon-anchovy vinaigrette
    Southwest Chicken Salad 12
    romaine, black beans, tortilla, tomato, cilantro, lime vinaigrette
    Burrata Salad 11
    zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, eggplant, roasted tomato vinaigrette
    King Salmon Poke Bowl 13
    farro, quinoa, avocado, edamame, togarashi vinaigrette


    All sandwiches come with salt & pepper house-made potato chips
    Avocado Toast 12
    avocado mash, poached egg, spiced chickpeas, Parmesan crostini
    Delta Chicken Sandwich 12
    fried chicken thighs, delta sauce, tomato, red onion, Bibb lettuce, provolone, ciabatta
    Ch-una Salad Wrap 12
    chickpea, tomato, alfalfa sprout, whole wheat wrap
    Roast Beef 14
    Jan’s blue dressing, horseradish, onion stack, everything bun
    Roast Turkey Club 13
    tomato, arugula, bacon, cucumber, mayo, multigrain toast
    Chicken Salad Sandwich 12
    red grapes, Marcona almond, lemon-mustard aioli, croissant bun

    Hudson Valley Café Classics

    Mac & Cheese 13
    cavatappi pasta, Redmond cheddar cheese, persillade
    Today’s Quiche 14
    local mixed greens, Champagne vinaigrette
    Cauliflower “Flatbread” 12
    cherry tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, mixed olives, arugula, balsamic reduction
    Hudson Valley Cheese Board 14
    3 cheeses, whole wheat crackers, mostarda

    APBC Sides

    French Fries 6
    sea salt/truffle salt
    Roasted Beets 7
    herb crème fraîche, chive mousse, beet chips, granola
    Side Salad 6
    Champagne vinaigrette
    Sweet Potato Fries 6
    sea salt, maple-Dijon mustard

  • Desserts & Beverage Menu

    Individual Desserts

    Rhubarb Ricotta Cheesecake 7 / 26
    rhubarb, lemon, graham cookie
    Chocolate Cherry Praline 7 / 26
    coffee mousse, hazelnut dacquoise, amarena cherries
    Lemon Verbena Éclair 7
    pâte à choux, lemon verbena pastry cream, notes of fruit loops, sweetened whipped cream, white chocolate plaque
    Key Lime Tartine 7
    sweetened condensed Chantilly, graham streusel
    Milk & Cookies 7
    brown butter, milk Chantilly, brownie
    Chocolate Strawberry Tart 7 / 26
    strawberry tea caramel, mousse, flexi chocolate ganache
    APBC Apple Cake 7
    caramelized honey, honey wheat cake
    Operetta Cake 7 / 26
    lemon curd, pistachio, poppy seeds
    Tropical Mousse 7
    coconut dacquoise & custard, poached pineapple, passion fruit mousse
    Peanut Butter Indulgence 7 / 26
    cake, butterscotch, milk chocolate
    Traditional Carrot Cake 32
    cream cheese buttercream
    Slice of Apple Pie 3.5
    à la mode 2.5
    chedder cheese 1.5

    Baked Goods

    Croissant 3.5
    Pain au Chocolat 3.5
    Garlic, Herb, & Parmesan Knots 3
    Seasonal Danish 3.5
    Pear and Goat Cheese Tartine 3
    Corn and Strawberry Muffin 3
    Banana Nut Muffin 3
    Brioche Pecan Sticky Bun 4
    Coconut and Salted Caramel Brioche Doughnut 3.5
    Doughnut of the Week 3.5
    Cinnamon and Sugar Doughnut Holes 2.5
    Biscuit 3
    Savory Scone 3.5
    Mudslide Cookie 3
    Chocolate Chunk Cookie 3
    Dutch Apple Pie 20

    Artisan Breads

    Multigrain 4.5
    Rustic Baguette 3
    Sourdough Boule 4
    Ciabatta 4.5
    Garlic & Rosemary Sourdough 4.5


    Drip 3
    Pour Over 3.5 / 4.5
    Café au Lait 3
    illy Espresso Beverages
    Café Latte 4
    Café Macchiato 3
    Café Mocha 4.5
    Cortado 3
    Espresso 3
    Cappuccino 3.5
    Café Americano 3

    Seasonal Beverages

    Chai Latte 4
    Hot Chocolate 4.5
    Daily Granita Special 3.5
    Vanilla Bean Lemonade 3.5
    Spiced Apple Cider 2.5
    Latte au Jour 4.5
    Cold Brew Iced Coffee 4

    Harney & Sons Tea

    Café Tea Service 4
    Organic Green with Citrus and Gingko
    Flavored Green
    Jasmine Pearl
    Tisanes (Caffeine Free)
    African Autumn
    Egyptian Chamomile
    Mint Verbena
    Vanilla Grapefruit
    Winter White
    Earl Grey
    English Breakfast
    Flavored Black
    Black Currant
    Indian Spice


    4 oz Glass / Bottle
    Brut, Glenora, Finger Lakes nv 8 / 30
    Dry Riesling, Millbrook Vineyards 2015 8 / 32
    Chardonnay, Greystone Cellars, California 9 / 36
    Twilight Rosé, Clinton Vineyards, Hudson River Region 7 / 28
    Merlot, Greystone Cellars, California 9 / 36
    Super Hudson Red, Cereghino Smith Winery, New York State 2014 10 / 38

    CIA Beer on Tap

    MEP Wit 7
    Belgian-style witbier brewed with orange peel and coriander, 4.6% ABV
    Cleaver IPA 7
    a golden IPA featuring robust American hop flavors providing firm bitterness and flavors reminiscent of grapefruit and apricot, 6.5% ABV
    PRB Pilsner 7
    pale golden colored German-style lager with the subtle aroma of Czech and German hops and a crisp and refreshing finish, 4.5% ABV

    Local Cider

    Hard Ginger-Apple Cider, Nine Pin, Hudson Valley and Capital Region 6
    Doc’s Hard Apple Cider, Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery, Warwick 6

    Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    Juice / Dairy / Iced Teas
    Iced Tea 2.5
    Special Iced Tea 2.5
    Milk 2
    Orange Juice 2.5
    Cranberry Juice 2.5
    Bottled Beverages
    Sierra Mist 3
    Pepsi 3
    Diet Pepsi 3
    CIA H2O 2
    Pellegrino 3
    Boylan’s Root Beer 3
    Boylan’s Ginger Ale 3
    Boylan’s Orange Cream 3
    Boylan’s Black Cherry 3

We frequently update our menus so that you may enjoy inspired seasonal offerings and our students can get the most from their education by working with the freshest ingredients available. While we strive to keep our online menus as up to date as possible, please understand that menu items and prices may change without notice.

Tipping Policy

A key component of the education process at the CIA is learning how to deliver outstanding service. Students at The Culinary Institute of America are not permitted to accept tips, in accordance with IRS regulations (only paid employees are permitted to accept tips) and the CIA Student Code of Conduct. We thank you for honoring the “no tipping” policy, and for giving our students the opportunity to serve you. In light of this policy, and to keep the student experience focused on education, we have included a 17% service charge on each check. All monies from the service charge are returned to our students through scholarships, support of student activities, and the purchase of graduation jackets.

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